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Baby Boutique
Department 56
New for 2017
Retired 2017
Midyear 2017
40th Anniversary Limited Collection
A Christmas Story
Alpine Village
Christmas Giftware
Christmas In The City
Dairy Queen
Dickens Village
Disneys Frozen
Display Anywhere
Display bases platforms
Elf on the Shelf
Elf the Movie
Garden Guardians
Fences, Walls, Roads
First Frost
Fisher Price
General Accessories - All
Halloween Giftware
Halloween Series
Holiday In The Woods
Jack Daniels
Jim Shore
Lighting Replacement
National Lampoon Griswolds
New England
North Pole
Snow Village
Trees, Landscapes
Catalog and Value Guide
Cottage Garden Music Boxes
Department 56 Snowbabies
Foundations Angels
Jim Shore
Joseph Studio
Nao by Lladro
Possible Dreams Santas
Precious Moments Figurines
Trail of Painted Ponies
Willow Tree by Demdaco

New for 2017 Department 56
Item #DescriptionRetail
A Christmas Story <<< Click here to view thumbnails
4057257A Christmas Story Popcorn Wagon$52.00
4057258Lit Leg Lamp$32.00
4057260Ralphie's Gang - A Christmas Story$28.00

Alpine Village <<< Click here to view thumbnails
AL40596422017 Alpine Village - All New Buildings and Accessories$132.50
4056618Bavarian Cottage$90.00
4056618SETBavarian Cottage AND Friendly Welcome Home Set$107.50
4056620Friendly Welcome Home$17.50
4056622The Children's Nativity$25.00

Animated <<< Click here to view thumbnails
4057615Animated Nightmare$80.00
4056712Fortunato The Vulture Trainer$85.00
4057571Winter Flurries$55.00

Christmas In The City <<< Click here to view thumbnails
CIC40596422017 Christmas In The City - All New Buildings and Accessories$497.50
4056628A Holiday Tradition$22.50
4054987FLW Heurtley House - Frank Lloyd Wright$170.00
4054987SETFLW Heurtley House AND Frank Lloyd Wright SET$195.00
4054988Frank Lloyd Wright$25.00
4056624Kringle And Sons Boutique$120.00
4056624SETKringle And Sons Boutique AND A Holiday Tradition SET$142.50
4056625Maggie's On Park - 2017 Platinum Exclusive$115.00
4056625SETMaggie's On Park and Shopping On Park Avenue SET - 2017 Platinum$137.50
4056627Pizza Date$22.50
4056623Sal's Pizza & Pasta$115.00
4056623SETSals Pizza & Pasta AND Pizza Date SET$137.50
4056629Shopping On Park Avenue$22.50

Dickens Village <<< Click here to view thumbnails
DV40596422017 Dickens Village - All New Buildings and Accessories$992.00
4056648Christmas Carol Poulterer's Shop Set of 4$125.00
4056635Comb's Honey Cottage$100.00
4056635SETComb's Honey Cottage AND Honey Harvest SET$105.00
4056633SETCriterion Magic Lantern AND The Amazing Magic Lantern Show SET$127.50
4056633Criterion Magic Lantern Theatre$95.00
4056634Eight Milkmaids Crock$85.00
4056638Holiday Cab Ride$47.50
4056642Honey Harvest$25.00
4056643Ladies Auxiliary Brass Band$28.50
4056646Oast House Hop Harvest$28.50
4056639Olde Bramling Oast House$90.00
4056640The Amazing Magic Lantern Show$32.50
4056644The Hansom Cab Co.$90.00
4056644SETThe Hansom Cab Co. AND Holiday Cab Ride SET$137.50
4056636The Merry Fir Advent Wreaths$100.00
4056636SETThe Merry Fir Advent Wreaths AND Turnabout Is Fair Play SET$126.50
4056637The Oxford Arcade$90.00
4056637SETThe Oxford Arcade AND Ladies Auxiliary Brass Band SET$118.50
4056645Turnabout Is Fair Play$26.50
4056641Victorian Milk Maid$28.50
4059143Village Friends Heritage Kit$70.00

Disney <<< Click here to view thumbnails
4059484Anna and Elsa Waterdazzler$20.00
4059483Beauty & Beast Waterdazzler$20.00
4058015Beauty & the Beast Holidazzler$10.00
4058017Cinderella Holidazzler$10.00
4053052Cocoa On The Go$42.00
4058019Finding Dory Holidazzler$10.00
4058012Frozen Holidazzler$10.00
4058018Jungle Book Holidazzler$10.00
4057264Mickey & Minnie Card Exchange$26.00
4058010Mickey & Minnie Holidazzler$10.00
4059485Mickey and Minnie Waterdazzler$20.00
4057295Mickey On Sleigh Snow Globe$45.00
4058011Mickey Tree Topper Holidazzler$20.00
4053053Mickey's Christmas Kiss$24.00
4053051Mickey's Holiday Caboose$38.00
4057297Minnie With Lights Snow Globe$45.00
4057263Pluto's Toboggan Ride$30.00
4058004Princess Crown Holidazzler$10.00
4058009Snow White Holidazzler$10.00
4058007Toy Story Holidazzler$10.00

Elf on the Shelf <<< Click here to view thumbnails
4056873Candy Cane Swing Ornament - Elf On The Shelf$13.00
4056874Elf On The Shelf 2017 Dated Ornament$13.00
4056872Elf On The Shelf Believe Ornament$13.00
4056886Elf On The Shelf Snow Globe$45.00
4056869Elf On The Shelf Snowboarding Ornament$13.00
4059487Elf On The Shelf Waterdazzler$20.00
4056877Elf Reports To Santa Ornament - Elf On The Shelf$18.00
4058001Elves Build a Snow Holidazzler - Elf On The Shelf$10.00
4058917Name the Elf Ornament - Elf On The Shelf$10.00
4056878Scout Assignment Ornament - Elf On The Shelf$13.00

Elf the Movie <<< Click here to view thumbnails
4057281Buddy Decorating The Tree With Jovi - Elf The Movie$32.00
4057277Buddy's Apartment - Elf The Movie$84.00
4057282Buddy's Christmas Decorations - Elf The Movie$22.00
4057280The World's Best Cup Of Coffee - Elf The Movie$20.00
4057278World's Best Cup Of Coffee Shop - Elf The Movie$82.00

Grinch <<< Click here to view thumbnails
4057460Grinch 2017 Dated Wreath Ornament - Dr Seuss$14.00
4057467Grinch Happy Howl-i-days Ornament - Dr Seuss$18.00
4056983Grinch Ice Fishing Ornament - Dr Seuss$18.00
4057465Grinch Mistletoe Kisses Ornament - Dr Seuss$14.00
4057457Grinch Naughty Or Nice Ornament - Dr Seuss$14.00
4057458Grinch Personalizable Ornament - Dr Suess$14.00
4057461Grinch Santy Clause Stowaways Ornament - Dr Suess$18.00
4056989Grinch Shovel-Boarding Fun Ornament - Dr Seuss$14.00
4056987Grinch Snowmobiling Fun Ornament - Dr Seuss$14.00
4057477Grinch Stealing Holidazzler - Dr Suess$10.00
4057459Grinch Stealing Presents Ornament - Dr Seuss$14.00
4057466Grinch Stuffing Stocking Ornament - Dr Suess$14.00
4057476Grinch Wreath Holidazzler Ornament - Dr Seuss$10.00
4057862Grinchmas Tree Ornament - Dr Suess$14.00
4057290Max Lending A Helping Paw - Dr Seuss$22.00
4057475Merry Grinchmas Holidazzler - Dr Seuss$18.00
4057287Who-Ville Band Shell - Dr Suess$84.00
4053063Who-Ville Sweet Shop - Dr Suess$88.00
4057289Who-Ville's One Who Band - Dr Suess$16.00

Fences, Walls, Roads <<< Click here to view thumbnails
4058725Candy Corner Fence$12.50
4058724Lit Candy Corner Street Curved$32.50
4058723Lit Candy Corner Street Straight$32.50

Fisher Price <<< Click here to view thumbnails
4057984Family, Love, Life Scrabble Ornament$14.00
4057986Games For Christmas Ornament$14.00
4057985Mr. Monopoly With Candy Cane Ornament$14.00
4057982Operation Game Board Ornament$14.00
4057983Play-Dough for Christmas Ornament$14.00

Halloween Series <<< Click here to view thumbnails
HV40596422017 Snow Village Halloween - All New Buildings and Accessories$866.00
4056705Bat's Motel$115.00
4056705SETBat's Motel AND The Makings For A Sordid Evening$147.50
4057618Bone Jovi$35.00
4057630Boneyard Street Light$25.00
4057621Creepy Creature Scary Squirrel$18.50
4057622Creepy Creatures Rabid Rabbit$12.50
4057619Hangmen Skeletons$18.50
4056700Hattie's Hat Shop$110.00
4056706Hattie's Hats Custom Fitted$30.00
4056700SETHatties Hat Shop AND Hatties Hats Custom Fitted SET$140.00
4056703Lefty's Chain Saw Repair$90.00
4056711Lefty's Passion$28.50
4056703SETLeftys Chain Saw Repair AND Leftys Passion SET$118.50
4056707Lit Graveyard Ghost$30.00
4056704Poe's Perch Aviary$135.00
4057626Rising From The Dead$18.50
4056708Scary Gravedigger$20.00
4056710Scary Skeleton Stories$37.50
4057620Skull Spider$8.50
4057617Spells & Potions Kiosk$40.00
4056701The Haunted Cemetery Shed$90.00
4056701SETThe Haunted Cemetery Shed AND Accessory SET of 3$140.00
4056713The Makings For A Sordid Evening$32.50
4056702The Skeleton House$115.00
4057616Toad Fountain$25.00
4056709Trick Or Treating On The Lane$32.50
4057580Victorian Street Lamps$28.50

Jack Daniels <<< Click here to view thumbnails
JD40596422017 Jack Daniel's Village - All New Buildings and Accessories$152.50
4056651Jack Daniel Old #7 Fire Brigade$37.50
4056653Jack Daniel's Distillery Sign$15.00
4056650Miss Mary Bobo's Boarding House - Jack Daniels$100.00

Jim Shore <<< Click here to view thumbnails
4058798A Savior For All - Nativity Angel with Pierced Wings$60.00
4058787As You Wish - Santa Holding Presents$55.00
4055128Babe So Small, King Of All - One Piece Holy Family$35.00
4058784Bear With Me - Santa Riding Polar Bear$55.00
4058786Christmas Wishes Granted - Santa Reading List in Chair$50.00
4058790Delivering December - Santa with Lantern and Satchel$50.00
4058789Filling Tall Orders - Tall Santa with Tree$60.00
4058785Pining For Christmas - Santa with Pinecone Basket$80.00
4058796Season of Giving - Santa with Deer Snowglobe$50.00
4058788Toasting Traditions - Santa with Wine Glass and Basket$55.00

Licenses <<< Click here to view thumbnails
4058491A Couple Cheeseburgers In Paradise - Margaritaville$24.00
4058609Betty Crocker Cake Mix Ornament - General Mills$12.00
4058608Betty Crocker Cookbook Ornament - General Mills$12.00
4058607Betty Crocker With Book - General Mills$12.00
4057496Bow-tied Cat With Things - Cat In The Hat$14.00
4057383Brownie First Aid Ornament - Girl Scouts$15.00
4057386Brownie Playing Softball Ornament - Girl Scouts$14.00
4053064Cake For Who? Cake For You!$20.00
4057397Candy Crush Blue Candy Ornament$12.00
4057395Candy Crush Booster Fish Ornament$12.00
4057401Candy Crush Color Bomb Ornament$12.00
4057396Candy Crush Logo Ornament$12.00
4057403Candy Crush Mr. Toffee Ornament$12.00
4057398Candy Crush Orange Wrapped Ornament$12.00
4057400Candy Crush Purple Candy Ornament$12.00
4057404Candy Crush Tiffy Ornament$12.00
4057491Cat In A Box Ornament - Cat In The Hat$14.00
4059486Cat in the Hat Waterdazzler - Dr Suess$20.00
4057493Cat Striped Stocking Ornament - Cat In The Hat$14.00
4058605Cheerios Bee Ornament - General Mills$14.00
4058311Cheesehead Badger Fishing Ornament$11.00
4058310Cheesehead Cow Ornament$11.00
4058312Cheesehead Personalizable Elf Ornament$11.00
4058307Cheesehead Santa With Beer Ornament$11.00
4058603Cocoa Puffs Cuckoo Ornament - General Mills$14.00
4057381Daisy Cookie Time Ornament - Girl Scouts$15.00
4058528Daisy Personalized Ornament - Girl Scouts$14.00
4058116Dr. Finkelstein's Observatory - Nightmare Before Christmas$119.00
4058118Halloween Town City Hall Set of 2 - Nightmare Before Christmas$119.00
4058117Jack Skellington's House Set of 2 - Nightmare Before Christmas$119.00
4057990Junior Camping Ornament - Girl Scouts$15.00
4057385Junior Musician Ornament - Girl Scouts$15.00
4058529Junior Personalized Ornament - Girl Scouts$14.00
4058604Lucky Charms Leprechaun Ornament - General Mills$14.00
4058489Margaritaville Lost Shaker Of Salt$115.00
4058487Margaritaville Lounge$115.00
4058488Margaritaville Paradise Grill$115.00
4058492Parrot Head King - Margaritaville$20.00
4058872Pillsbury Doughboy Ornament - General Mills$14.00
4058490Rocking Away In Margaritaville$18.00
4057502The Cat Reading Figurine - Cat In The Hat$30.00
4057516The Cat With Kids Holidazzler - Cat In The Hat - Dr Seuss$10.00
4057503The Cat With The Book Figurine - Cat In The Hat$20.00
4057501Thing 1 & 2 Personalizable Ornament - Cat In The Hat$14.00
4057384Trefoil Oath Ornament - Girl Scouts$12.00
4058606Trix Rabbit Ornament - General Mills$14.00

Lights <<< Click here to view thumbnails
4057625Black Light Bat Cave$47.50
4057624Black Light Spotlights$32.50
4057628Flaming Skull Bonefire$28.50
4057611Lighted Christmas Sisal Hedges$30.00
4058726Lit Candy Corner Luminaries$30.00
4058722Lit Candy Corner Street Lights$25.00
4057629Lit Pumpkin Patch Billboard$42.50
4057627Spooky Graveyard Vigil$30.00

Lighting Replacement <<< Click here to view thumbnails
4059454Replacement Flicker Bulbs$7.50

Margaritaville <<< Click here to view thumbnails
60001475 O 'Clock Somewhere Mug - Margaritaville$12.00
6000148Booze in the Blender Mug - Margaritaville$12.00
6000153Fins Up Shark Mug = Margaritaville$15.00
6000145Margaritaville Songs Stacking$25.00
6000144Mr and Mrs Parrot Head Mug Set - Margaritaville$25.00
6000154Parrot Head Mug - Margaritaville$15.00
6000149Retired in Margaritaville Mug$12.00
6000152What's up Beaches Travel Mug = Margaritaville$18.00

New England <<< Click here to view thumbnails
NE40596422017 New England Village - All New Buildings and Accessories$250.00
4056684American Gothic, Set of 2$110.00
4056655Wenham Lake Ice Company$95.00
4056655SETWenham Lake Ice Company AND Wenham Lake Ice Delivery SET$140.00
4056658Wenham Lake Ice Delivery$45.00

North Pole <<< Click here to view thumbnails
NP40596422017 North Pole Village - All New Buildings and Accessories$961.50
4056674A Special Cookie For Rudolph$25.00
4058495Bubblegum Troll's Mischief$25.00
4056668Clarice's North Pole Bakery$90.00
4056668SETClarices North Pole Bakery AND Accessory SET of 3$141.50
4058082Coca Cola Bottle Cap Ride$15.00
4058083Coca Cola Bottle Cap Tester$26.50
4056665Coca Cola Bottle Caps$125.00
4056665SETCoca Cola Bottle Caps AND Accessory SET of 3$166.50
4056664Merry Lane Cottages Box Set$125.00
4056667New Year's Eve Center$120.00
4056669North Pole Candy Crush Factory$130.00
4056669SETNorth Pole Candy Crush Factory AND Accessory SET 3$178.50
4056676North Pole Holiday Elves$32.50
4056670Off Season Santa$22.50
4056673Ringing In The New Year$25.00
4056663Santa's North Pole Workshop$120.00
4056663SETSantas North Pole Workshop AND Off Season Santa SET$142.50
4056677Sitting In The North Pole$30.00
4056675Training For Christmas Eve$26.50
4058260Yeti's North Pole Treats$23.50

Peanuts <<< Click here to view thumbnails
4057274My Sweet Babboo$18.00
4058130Peanuts Dog House Figurine$30.00
4059491Peanuts Snoopy Waterdazzler$20.00
4057052Peanuts Snowday Snowman Set of 3$48.00
4058131Peanuts Tree Topper Figurine$40.00
4059429Peanuts Tree Topper Holidazler$20.00
4055827Santa's Helpers Set of 4$40.00
4057053Snoopy Sleigh Figurine$24.00
4053055Snoopy's Cocoa Stand$28.00
4053567Snoopy's Cookie Jar$84.00
4053054Snoopy's Game Night$34.00
4057051Stockings Were Hung Set of 5$60.00

Rudolph <<< Click here to view thumbnails
4057995Bumble Holidazzler Ornament$10.00
4057974Bumble in Tinsel Ornament$14.00
4057981Bumble Wreath Ornament$12.00
4057973Charlie in a Box Ornament$14.00
4057980Clarice Wreath Ornament$12.00
4057969Hermey with Pliers Ornament$14.00
4057979Hermey Wreath Ornament$12.00
4057996Rudolph & Misfits Holidazzler$10.00
4057968Rudolph and Clarice Ornament$14.00
4057970Rudolph and Elf Ornament$14.00
4057975Rudolph and Santa Figurine$40.00
4057967Rudolph and Santa Ornament$14.00
4059490Rudolph Waterdazzler$20.00
4057978Rudolph Wreath Ornament Dated 2017$12.00
4057977Santa Wreath Ornament$12.00
4057971Yukon Ornament$14.00

Snow Village <<< Click here to view thumbnails
SV40596422017 Snow Village - All New Buildings and Accessories$1150.00
405668256 Street Brewery Box Set of 4$140.00
4056691Bike Season Every Season$25.00
4056680Bon Appetit Bistro$95.00
4056680SETBon Appetit Bistro AND Musique De Café SET$118.50
4058777Casting For The Opener$27.50
4058668Clark & Rusty Continue Tradition$28.50
4056679Golden Cross Church Box Set of 4$125.00
4056697Holidazed And Confused$26.50
4056685Home Away From Home Fish Shack$75.00
4056685SETHome Away From Home Fish Shack AND Coordinating Set 3$125.00
4058881Inner Tube Sled Dog Race$26.50
4056687Lot 59, Christmas Court - 2017 Platinum Exclusive$90.00
4056687SETLot 59, Christmas Court and Casting For The Opener SET 2017 Platinum$117.50
4056690Musique De Café$23.50
4056695Northwoods Proposal$30.00
4056688Nutcracker Sweet$15.00
4058550Santa Comes To Town, 2017$45.00
4056699Sasquatch Foot Print?$22.50
4056696Snow Much Fun$22.50
4056632Snow Village Shakedown$23.50
4056681The Bike Pedaler$90.00
4056681SETThe Bike Pedaler AND Bike Season Every Season$115.00
4056686The Griswold Holiday Garage$85.00
4056678The Nutcracker House$130.00
4056678SETThe Nutcracker House AND Nutcracker Sweet SET$145.00
4056694The One That Got Away$22.50
4059142Village Friends SV Kit$70.00
4056683Woodsy Retreat$100.00

Trees, Landscapes <<< Click here to view thumbnails
4057577Backyard Bird Hotels$18.50
4057623Black Light Bare Branch Tree$28.50
4058728Candy Corner Bridge$35.00
4058721Candy Corner Table and Chairs$12.50
4058727Candy Corner Trees$16.50
4057633Creepy Craggy Tree$15.00
4057632Halloween Multi-Color Tree$32.50
4057582Harvest Fields Corn Maze$22.50
4057581Harvest Fields Hayride$32.50
4057583Harvest Fields Pie Stand$32.50
4057634Haunted Spider Tree$15.00
4054239Lit Christmas Tree Lot$32.50
4057631Lit Jack-O-Lantern Tree$37.50
4057578Little Free Libraries$25.00
4056698Lucky The Snowman Dated 2017$20.00
4057576Memorial Fountain$35.00
4057602Mistletoe Farm Ponies$22.50
4057604Mistletoe Farm Sheepdog Fun$16.50
4057603Mistletoe Farm Tractor$27.50
4057601Mittletoe Farm Kittens$16.50
4057593Peppermint Dog House$17.50
4057595Peppermint Snowman$12.50
4057594Peppermint Tinsel Tree$15.00
4057573Pictures With Santa$25.00
4057609Silver & Gold Twinkle Tree$32.50
4057610Silver Dream Lit Tree$20.00
4057612Silver Vintage Sisals$27.50
4057613Sisal Tree Groves$13.50
4057575Traffic Cop$15.00
4058983Village Berry Pines$22.50
4057574Village Sasquatch Family$22.50
4059770Winter Flurries Bare Branch$28.50
4057614Winter Flurries Trees$28.50
4057597Woodland Fetch$15.00
4057598Woodland Firewood$10.00
4057596Woodland Holiday Swing$25.00

Catalog and Value Guide <<< Click here to view thumbnails
40600372017 Snowbabies Brochure Catalog$5.00
40598482017 Village Brochure Catalog$5.00

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