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Baby Boutique
Department 56
Cottage Garden Music Boxes
Department 56 Snowbabies
Foundations Angels
Jim Shore
New for 2017
Retired 2017
2016 Prepack Sets
Angel Figures
Disney Traditions
Dogs and Cats
Farm Animals and Wildlife
Harvest - Thanksgiving
Looney Tunes by Jim Shore
Nativity Group
Ornament Group
Pint Sized
River's End
Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer
Wizard Of Oz
Joseph Studio
Nao by Lladro
Possible Dreams Santas
Precious Moments Figurines
Trail of Painted Ponies
Willow Tree by Demdaco

New for 2017 Jim Shore
Item #DescriptionRetail
Angel Figures <<< Click here to view thumbnails
4058736Creature Comforts - White Woodland Angel$36.00
4058806Find Comfort in Christmas Joy - Pint Sized Angel with Wreath$22.00
4058761Give Your Whole Heart - Golden Garland Angel with Heart$55.00
4058800Hope of the Heavens$16.00
4058755Jolly Holly Days - Victorian Angel with Candle$55.00
4057685Pint Sized Mother Angel$22.00

Christmas <<< Click here to view thumbnails
4058191A Very Special Kind of Snow - Frosty Holding Karen Snowglobe$45.00
4058188Fastest Belly-Whopper in the World - Frosty and Karen Sledding$60.00
4058187Happy Birthday - Frosty The Snowman$55.00
4058189I'll Be Back on Christmas Day - Santa Frosty the Snowman and Karen Sleigh$70.00
4058190Let's Have a Parade - Frosty the Snowman Storybook$65.00
4058808Mini Christmas Fox$14.00
4058797Sing For The Season - Cardinal Family on Branch$44.00

Disney Traditions <<< Click here to view thumbnails
4056750A Wish Come True - Jasmine & Aladdin Wedding$55.00
4056757Big-hearted Hero - Mickey Get A Horse$40.00
4056756Black-hearted Bully - Peg Leg Pete$45.00
4057950Bumble Pooh - Pooh as Honey Bee$48.00
4054878Buzz Lightyear$45.00
4057955Carefree Camaraderie - Simba Timon and Pumbaa The Lion King$100.00
4054880Carl & Russell UP$50.00
4057936Comfort And Joy - Minnie in Christmas Pajamas$26.00
4057948Countdown To Candy - Candy Corn Mickey and Minnie Mouse$50.00
4058284Daring Demigod - Maui - Disney Moana$75.00
4056759Devil Of The Seas - Davy Jones$60.00
4057171Evil Queen Art Deco$75.00
4057951Fated Romance - Jack and Sally$70.00
4056754Find Your Own Way - Moana$45.00
4054876Finding Dory$50.00
4056758Good-hearted Gal - Minnie Get a Horse$40.00
4056748Happily Ever After - Cinderella & Prince Wedding$55.00
4057938Light Up The Holidays - Dopey with Christmas Lights$45.00
4054879Lightning McQueen$60.00
4057935Magical Morning - Mickey in Christmas Pajamas$26.00
4057170Maleficent Art Deco$75.00
4056745Mini Cheshire Cat$16.00
4056746Mini Eeyore$16.00
4056743Mini Patriotic Mickey Mouse$16.00
4056744Mini Patriotic Minnie Mouse$16.00
4057953Once Upon A Nightmare - Nightmare Storybook$70.00
4055408Oswald 90th Anniversary - The Lucky Rabbit$75.00
4056761Salty Sailor - Donald Duck Pirate$45.00
4056760Set Sail For Adventure - Mickey Mouse Pirate$45.00
4057957Someday You Will Be A Real Boy - Pinocchio Storybook$70.00
4057941Stocking Stuffer - Christmas Tinker Bell$48.00
4057949Sweet Spell - Halloween Tinker Bell$48.00
4056751The Big Day - Rapunzel & Flynn Wedding$55.00
4056747The First Dance - Snow White & Prince Wedding$55.00
4056752The Gang's All Here - Fab Five$100.00
4056755The Main Mouse - Big Figure Mickey Mouse$249.95
4056753The Spell Is Broken - Sleeping Beauty$85.00
4057945Tidings Of Friendship - Cinderella Christmas$60.00
4057942Tidings Of Goodwill - Snow White Christmas$60.00
4057944Tidings Of Joy - Rapunzel Christmas$60.00
4057943Tidings Of Wonder - Ariel Christmas$60.00
4057947Tiny Tricksters - Chip & Dale in Pumpkin$60.00
4057952Triple Trouble - Lock Shock and Barrel$50.00
4057940Waiting For Spring - Winter Eeyore$45.00
4057937Warm Wishes - Mickey and Minnie Mouse Wrapped in Quilt$50.00
4056749Wedded Bliss - Ariel & Eric Wedding$55.00
4057960Welcome to India - Small World India$30.00
4057958Welcome to Italy - Small World Italy$30.00
4057959Welcome to Switzerland - Small World Switzerland$30.00
4057939Wintry Walk - Winter Pooh and Piglet$50.00
4057954Wrapped Up In Christmas Spirit - Santa Jack with Christmas$65.00

Dogs and Cats <<< Click here to view thumbnails
4058809Mini Christmas Dog with Gift$14.00

General <<< Click here to view thumbnails
40589842017 Inner Circle Member Box - Jim Shore$60.00

Easter <<< Click here to view thumbnails
4056940So Hoppy Together - Two Sitting Bunnies by Flowers$55.00

Farm Animals and Wildlife <<< Click here to view thumbnails
4056938Mini Irish Owl$14.00
4058739Owl, Squirrel, Bunny Set - White Woodland$24.00

Hanna-Barbera <<< Click here to view thumbnails
4058334Bedrock Buggy - Wilma with Pebbles in Baby Car$55.00
4058333Mower-a-Saurus - Fred Mowing the Lawn$55.00
4058335Prehistoric Man's Best Friend - Dino Jumping on Fred$55.00
4058332Stone Age Santa - Santa Fred with Pebbles & Bam Bam$55.00
4058331Yaba Daba Yuletide - Flintstones Sleigh Ride$75.00

Halloween <<< Click here to view thumbnails
4058849Book of Spells - Pumpkin with Hat Book$22.00
4058848Ghost and Goblins Gather Here - Pint Sized Stacked Owl Mouse$22.00
4058850Mini Black Candy Corn Cat$14.00
4058851Mini Witch with Spell Book$14.00
4058845Moonlight Mischief - Crescent Moon Witch Black Cat$30.00
4058846Phantom of Fright - Skeleton Witch Riding Broom$55.00
4056587Shrieking Tree - Halloween Tree With 6 Tiny Ornaments$40.00
4058847The Witch Is In - Witch with Crystal Ball Broom$55.00

Harvest - Thanksgiving <<< Click here to view thumbnails
4058776Feast From The Farm - Pilgrim Scene in Cornucopia$55.00
4057696Mini 3 Piece Fruit Set$25.00
4058844Mini Pilgrim Couple$18.00
4058843Mini Turkey$14.00
4058840Pilgrim Passenger - Pilgrim Riding Turkey$52.00
4058841Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice - Stacked Pumpkins$25.00

Looney Tunes by Jim Shore <<< Click here to view thumbnails
4055775Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck - On With the Show$55.00
4052809Candy Cane Cutie - Christmas Tweety$26.00
4055771Cupid Tweety - You're My Tweet Heart$35.00
4055773Date Night with Taz - Dinner Date - Tasmanian Devil$45.00
4052811Festive Flight - Looney Tunes Sleigh Ride$85.00
4052814Gossamer - A Hairy Situation - Looney Tunes$55.00
4055776Hollywood Bugs Bunny - Hollywood Hare$45.00
4052810Mistletoe Magic - Mistletoe Bugs & Lola$55.00
4055769Pepe Le Pew and Penelope - Hello, Cherie$49.95
4052812Taz-o-Lantern - Halloween Taz$45.00
4052813Trick or Tweet - Vampire Tweety$26.00
4052808Up on the Roof Top - Santa Bugs Bunny$45.00

Nativity Group <<< Click here to view thumbnails
4058762Behold & Believe - Golden Garland Holy Family$65.00
4058811Mini Nativity Star on Cloud$14.00
4058756One Holy Night - Victorian 10 Piece Mini Nativity$200.00

Ornament Group <<< Click here to view thumbnails
4058742Angel Husky Ornament - White Woodland$20.00
4058820Austrian Santa Ornament$20.00
4059125Cheeseburger Paradise Ornament - Margaritaville$20.00
4058817Cowboy Santa Ornament$20.00
4055129Cross Shaped Holy Family Ornament$16.00
4058818Culinary Santa Ornament$20.00
4058812Dated 2017 Nativity Ornament$13.00
4058741Dated 2017 Snowman Ornament - White Woodland$20.00
4058815Evergreen Santa Ornament$20.00
4058771Folklore Santa With Cane Ornament$15.00
4058772Folklore Santa With Cardinal Ornament$15.00
4058774Folklore Santa With Checker Jacket Ornament$15.00
4058770Folklore Santa With Tree Ornament$15.00
4058775Folklore Snowman With Broom Ornament$15.00
4058773Folklore Snowman With Tree Ornament$15.00
4058193Frosty Holding Karen Ornament - Frosty The Snowman$20.00
4058192Frosty with Broom Ornament - Frosty The Snowman$20.00
4058827Green Angel with Cardinals Ornament$20.00
4058194Hocus Pocus with Magic Hat - Frosty The Snowman$18.00
4058837Holy Family Ornament$20.00
4058836Ivory and Gold Nativity Angel Ornament$20.00
4058828Kitten on Pillow Ornament$18.00
4058814Lapland Red and Blue Santa Ornament$20.00
4059124Margaritaville Parrot Ornament$20.00
4059128Margaritaville Sailboat Ornament$20.00
4058838Mini Patriotic Angel Ornament$16.00
4058833Mini Santa Holding Tree Ornament$16.00
4058834Mini Santa with Cardinal Ornament$16.00
4058832Mini Snowman With Bucket Ornament$16.00
4058831Mini Snowman with Pine Cone Ornament$16.00
4053839Norwegian Santa Ornament$20.00
4058829Puppy with Bow Ornament$20.00
4058743Santa Baby Jesus Ornament - White Woodland$20.00
4058749Santa Gnome Ornament - Wonderland$22.00
4058823Santa Holding Gifts Ornament$20.00
4058826Santa Holding Globe Ornament$20.00
4058195Santa Ornament - Frosty The Snowman$20.00
4058816Santa Riding Reindeer Ornament$20.00
4058824Santa with Cat Ornament$20.00
4055121Santa With Sleigh and Reindeer Ornament$20.00
4055122Santa With Toy Bag Hanging Ornament$20.00
4058822Snowman Cardinal Branch Ornament$20.00
4058835Snowman Holding Tree Ornament$20.00
4058825Snowman Sledding Ornament$20.00
4058750Snowman with Holly Ornament - Wonderland$22.00
4049796Snowman with Poinsettia Wreath Ornament$20.00
4055125Snowman Wrapped in Lights Ornament$20.00
4053837Spanish Santa Ornament$20.00
4058821Stacked Snowman Family Ornament$20.00
4058819Sweden Santa Ornament$20.00
4053838Swiss Santa Ornament$20.00
4056588Tree Of Good Tidings - Christmas Tree with 6 Mini Ornaments$40.00
4058839Twas the Night Before Christmas Ornament$10.00
4058758Victorian Angel with Candle Ornament$22.00
4058757Victorian Santa with Tree Ornament$22.00
4058813Wish Merry Christmas Santa Ornament$20.00

Peanuts <<< Click here to view thumbnails
4055653A Colorful Tradition Snoopy and Woodstock$35.00
4057671Building Friendship - Snoopy and Woodstock$65.00
4057678Candy Cane Christmas - Snoopy & Woodstock$40.00
4057673Charlie Brown's Christmas - Charlie Brown & Decorated Doghouse$65.00
4057669Christmas Chorus - Woodstock Friends as Sheep Musical$45.00
4057668Dress Rehearsal - Pig-Pen and Frieda$48.00
4057674Each Year, the Great Pumpkin Rises - At the Pumpkin Patch$70.00
4057675Friendly Face-Off - Snoopy and Woodstock$49.95
4057672Here Comes Snoopy Claus - Santa Snoopy and Woodstock$99.00
4057676I'll Miss You - Snoopy with Charlie Brown$45.00
4057670Snow Day - Snowman with Peanuts Gang$70.00

River's End <<< Click here to view thumbnails
4058855Coastal Angel with Fish$55.00
4058866Coastal Angel with Fish Ornament$18.00
4058865Coastal Lighthouse Ornament$18.00
4058852Coastal Santa in Shell Sleigh with Seahorse$65.00
4058864Coastal Santa with Lighthouse Ornament$18.00
4058860Crab Ornament$18.00
4056919Patriotic Barn Birdhouse$24.95
4056923Patriotic Birds - 2 Assorted$15.00
4056937Patriotic Eagle Wall Decor$40.00
4056930Patriotic Eagle with Arrows Branch$40.00
4056935Patriotic Flag Bird House$35.00
4056932Patriotic Flag Wall Decor$50.00
4056934Patriotic Star Wall Decor$25.00
4058862Pelican Ornament$18.00
4058854Sandman with Seashell Hat$52.00
4058863Sandman with Shells Figurine$18.00
4058853Seahorse with Coral$35.00
4058861Shell Wreath Ornament$18.00
4056933Star with Banner - Easel Stand$25.00
4056936Uncle Sam with Liberty Sign$70.00
4058859Whale Ornament$18.00

Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer <<< Click here to view thumbnails
4058348Dated 2017 Rudolph Santa Ornament$20.00
4058340Lighted Rudolph Wearing Hat$45.00
4058339Rudolph and Clarice Sledding$55.00
4058345Rudolph Santa Sleigh Snowglobe$50.00
4058341Rudolph with Misfits$27.00
4058343Rudolph with North Pole Sign$24.00
4058346Rudolph with Stacked Misfits$60.00
4058338Santa Rudolph in Lights byTree$70.00
4058342Santa with Misfits$27.00
4058344Santa with Rudolph and Bag$24.00
4058351Snow Covered Bumble Ornament$20.00
4058350Snow Covered Rudolph Ornament$20.00
4058349Yukon on Ice Block Ornament$20.00

Santa's <<< Click here to view thumbnails
40590002017 - 15th Christmas Together - 15th Anniversary Santa with Tree$60.00
40590012017 - 15th Christmas Together - 15th Anniversary Santa with Tree Ornament$16.00
4058792Austria Rejoices - Austrian Santa - Santas Around the World$35.00
4058751Dreaming Of Christmas Past - Victorian Santa with Sled$55.00
4058766Folklore Santa with Heart Staff$40.00
4058763Folklore Santa with Red Bird$40.00
4058765Folklore Santa with Tree$36.00
4058768Folklore Snowman with Heart$40.00
4058764Folklore Tall Santa Blue Bird$45.00
4058759Gracious Is Giving - Golden Garland Santa with Gifts$55.00
4058782Joy To The World - Santa Songs$55.00
4058783Joyful Journey - Lapland Santa with Bells$60.00
4058752Making Magic - Victorian Santa By Chimney$55.00
4058810Mini Santa Holding Tree$14.00
4058740Santa Snowglobe - White Woodland$50.00
4058735Santa With Birch House - White Woodland Winter$65.00
4059403Santa with Tree Staff Statue$75.00
4058747Stacks of Winter Wishes - Stacked Santa Gnome - Wonderland$60.00
4058791Swedish Wishes - Sweden Santa - Santas Around the World$35.00
4058744Traditions & Tidings - Santa With Wreath - Wonderland$60.00
4058746Welcome Christmas Critters - Santa Gnome Raccoon - Wonderland$32.00
4058737When The Ice Calls - White Woodland Santa with Skates$24.00

Seaside <<< Click here to view thumbnails
4057693Life's Better At The Beach - Ocean Wonderland Sand Castle$30.00
4057694Make Waves - Ocean Wonderland Dolphin$40.00
4059121Merry in Margaritaville - Santa With Parrot$40.00
4059123Party in Paradise - Pint Sized Parrot - Margaritaville$22.00
4057695Sea Life's Beauty - Ocean Wonderland Fish by Coral$40.00
4059122Strummin' My Six String All Season - Tropical Snowman - Margaritaville$45.00
4057692Take Me To The Ocean - Mermaid Riding Seahorse$55.00

Snowmen <<< Click here to view thumbnails
4058745'Tis The Season To Branch Out - Snowman With Cardinal - Wonderland$50.00
4058753Bright & Merry - Victorian Snowman with Bell$50.00
4058802By Golly Be Jolly - Pint Sized Jolly Santa$22.00
4058793Festive Nesting - Snowman with Cardinal in Nest$50.00
4058795Fetch a Frosty Friend - Snowman with Puppy$55.00
4058769Folklore Snowman With Birdhouse$45.00
4058767Folklore Snowman with Broom$35.00
4058760Friendship Is Golden - Golden Garland Snowman with Bird$50.00
4059855Heartwood Creek 15th Anniversary Event Snowman$35.00
4058794Hugs Make Happiness - Snowman Couple Hugging$60.00
4058803Make A Melody - Pint Sized Snowman with Cardinal$22.00
4058807Mini Snowman with Heart$14.00
4058754Ring In Cheer - Victorian Boy Building Snowman$65.00
4058805Season To Be Freezin - Pint Sized Snowman with Patch Coat$22.00
4058734Sing For Winter - White Wonderland Snowman with Birdhouse$60.00
4058733Snowman Statue - White Woodland$100.00
4058748Swirling, Twirling Tidings - Snowman Holding Tree Winter Wonderland$36.00
4058804Tiny Trimmings Pint Size Santa with Tree$22.00

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